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The Ultimate Online
Marketing School

Learn Everything in Digital Marketing From Top 1% Practitioners & Get Lifetime Mentorship by Experienced Entrepreneurs.

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Become a Master of Marketing with one Complete Program.

Learn everything the best in the world are doing to plan, start and grow businesses with digital marketing. Master all digital marketing disciplines from the very basics to the most advanced tactics, strategies and automations.

  • 10
  • 514
    Video lessons
  • 250+
    Hours of video

What's Inside Masters Academy

All courses included in Premium
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    Business Strategy

    Includes Certification
    • 35 Lessons
    • 11 Hours
    • 14 Resources
    What you will learn
  • $ 149 .00
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    Marketing Strategy

    Includes Certification
    • 48 Lessons
    • 13 Hours
    • 12 Resources
    What you will learn
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    Copywriting & Content Marketing

    Includes Certification
    • 57 Lessons
    • 10 Hours
    • 24 Resources
    What you will learn
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    Google & Youtube Ads

    Includes Certification
    • 73 Lessons
    • 17 Hours
    • 26 Resources
    What you will learn
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    Social Media Marketing

    Includes Certification
    • 25 Lessons
    • 6 Hours
    • 16 Resources
    What you will learn
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    Facebook & Instagram Ads

    Includes Certification
    • 87 Lessons
    • 27 Hours
    • 14 Resources
    What you will learn
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    Email Marketing Mastery

    Includes Certification
    • 31 Lessons
    • 9 Hours
    • 12 Resources
    What you will learn
  • $ 149 .00
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    Ecommerce Mastery

    Includes Certification
    • 16 Lessons
    • 20 Hours
    • 10 Resources
    What you will learn
  • $ 199 .00
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    Analytics & Conversion Optimization

    Includes Certification
    • 54 Lessons
    • 13 Hours
    • 15 Resources
    What you will learn
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    Search Engine Optimization

    Includes Certification
    • 38 Lessons
    • 10 Hours
    • 11 Resources
    What you will learn
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Unique Learning Experience

by Masters Academy
Smart DesignOn Any Device.

We have created a custom education portal from scratch in order to create the most exciting learning experience possible. Unmatched by any other course or platform.

Get a RealCompetitive Edge

Get what every marketer dreams of … in one place. You can’t learn digital marketing just by watching videos. So we have compiled everything you need to speed up your learning.

  • Private Mentorship Community

    You will get access to our mentorship community where you can ask questions on all business & marketing related topics. Our entire team is always there to answer them.

  • Hands-On Projects & Exercises

    With every module we have included practical exercises because we know that you need to apply something before you can truly learn and remember it.

  • Custom Built Education Platform

    Unrivalled by anyone in the industry our education portal was built from the ground up to help you learn digital marketing & business easier and faster than ever before.

  • Professional Learning Tools

    We created these learning tools to help our students learn faster but we all ended up using them in our day to day work because they are real lifechanging timesavers.

  • Gigantic Resource Library

    Sometimes you just need the right tool for the job or you need something and don’t know where to find it. We have been there for years but now everything you need is in the library.

7 Day 100% Moneyback Guarantee
Get Better Faster.
  • Plan
  • Prepare
  • Execute
  • Analyze
  • Optimize

Master the Top Platforms

Platforms are just tools of the trade and a true master of marketing should be able to use all of them without hesitation.

When you Join Masters Academy

You immediately gain access to everything you need to master digital marketing in the fastest way possible.

  • You will get
  • Access to All Courses
  • Mentorship Community
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Learning Tools & Exercise Files
  • Marketing Resource Library
  • Practical Hands-On Projects
  • Masters Academy Certification
  • Google Certifications
  • Facebook Certification
*All certifications require that you pass their respective exams. The exams for Facebook Blueprint are not included in the price. We provide all the knowledge you need to pass.
7 Day 100% Moneyback Guarantee
No Questions Asked.
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At the end of each module you can get a certificate from Masters Academy after completing an exam. You will also learn everything you need to pass the Google Digital Workshop and Facebook Blueprint exams

Who is behind Masters Academy

by Startup Masters

Hardcore professionals with real hands-on experience in building and marketing digital businesses across the globe. People who have done it successfully over
and over again.

Dimitar Savov
Course Lecturer
Check outThe Results

Take a look at the case studies below to learn more about how we use the Digital Performance Marketing approach to achieve such amazing results.

  • $517M+
    Revenue Generated
    for Clients
  • 8M+
    Ecomm Transactions Performed
  • 180%
    Overall Increase in Conversion Rate
  • $43M+
    Spent on Advertising Campaigns
  • 613%
    Overall Increase in
    Ad Traffic
Success isAbout the People

Masters Academy is so detailed and practical because the team behind it consists of experienced practitioners who know how to do the real grunt work needed to grow businesses.

  • Simeon Prusijski
  • Alexander Alexiev
  • Stefan Kostov
  • Martina Panayotova
  • Simona Popova
  • Ioan Asparuhov
  • Stefan Markov
  • Dimitar Petkov
Is this courseMade for Me ?

Our students range from complete newbies to pro marketers and entrepreneurs because our courses cover everything from the very basics to the most advanced strategies and tactics.


Many business owners join masters academy to learn more about how they can grow their company and manage their teams better. Our courses on Bussiness , Marketing & Competitive strategy tend to be their favorites.


From newbies to fortune 500 pros marketers love masters academy for the in-depth coverage of all areas of marketing that helps them fill in the gaps and exchange experience and ideas with us.


People who want to learn digital marketing from scratch enjoy our courses because they allow them to get well paid jobs in awesome companies as well as work from home as freelancers or even start their own businesses.

Perfect for you...
What makesus so Different

The combination between our insane performance, international experience and the fact that we really care about your success more than anyone else!

  • Other Course Platforms
  • Masters Academy
    by Startup Masters
  • Fake Gurus
  • Anyone can teach on the standard course platforms as long as they create some videos. Most don’t have experience or credentials.

  • We have done it successfully over and over again in different niches and parts of the world for businesses big and small. We have case studies to prove it.

  • They rent Lamborghinis on the beach to convince you how good their courses are and the same courses are their most successful business.

  • Big course platforms cannot care for your success even if they wanted to. Their business model does not allow it.

  • For us this is a calling. There is nothing more precious than seeing the businesses our students build and grow. So we are always there to help.

  • Gurus do this only for the money. They hook you in and sell you dreams and motivation. When things don’t work it’s your fault. And you should pay more.

  • They make money from selling more courses and so they have to focus on quantity over quality. Many small courses covering only the basics again and again.

  • We cover everything from the very basics to the most advanced techniques in one comprehensive course because that is the best way for you to learn it.

  • Gurus have to sell you something small and then upsell you more. Without upsells they go bankrupt because they have no other business.

19,376Students Joined Already
4.9 / 5.0
Very Indepth

Would rate this course with 5 stars! Over the course of 2020 did a lot of online training/ courses and so far this one is the most comprehensive, interesting and helpful ones. Shout out to the team of Maters Academy!

Excellent teacher

Excellent teacher, I learned so many things and I am still learning !

A to Z of Digital Marketing

A to Z of Digital Marketing in one single platform. Finally found a course that I can keep for a lifetime. Thank you..

The Best Purchase I've Ever Have.

What I cannot understand is why they agreed to price their whole course for 49$ in Appsumo. I kid you not, their course has a ton of value. The first module (Business Fundamentals) is more than enough to pay for that, but to cover all the courses for that price? It's a no brainer.

Damn. I think they (Dimitar, specifically) is just doing a charity work at this point. If there's to be a Patron Saint of Businesses, I'd like it to be this guy. I mean, I am only doing this review in appreciation for their work. The content Dimitar and his team produced is simply top notch. I have availed courses way more expensive than theirs and yet, none can match the learnings I have gotten from Startup Masters. This is my only way of making it up to them since I truly wished I could have paid more. I am lucky they showed up at Appsumo.

Dimitar, I wish you good health, man and I hope you continue doing what you do.

I am currently watching your Live video and I just have to pause and make this quick review because I just appreciate the quality of your work.

Know that what you have taught will not be wasted.

Cheers, 🍻

Great interface, structure and content

Apart from the amazing interface, the structure and the content are build in a way that people with different level of knowledge and experience can follow and learn, depending on their needs. The language used is simple, yet shows the professional approach. Highly recommend it.

Great Academy, High value program!

Master's Academy digital marketing course is highly valuable, detailed and practical.

The customer service is equally top notched. Always ready to find the best way to assist students get the highest value.

No regrets at all.

Great course with a lot of value

Great course with a lot of value! Thanks so much

Kudos from a marketer - best course online for beginners AND pros

I'm a marketer and I'm finding the course extremely interesting and valuable. Although I was aware of most of the tools, topics and insights in the courses I followed for now (just 2/10), at least 10-15% of what I'm hearing in each module is new to me, and that extra knowledge is surely valued at way more than the price of the course.

Aside from the knowledge itself, their community and tools are really saving me tons of hours (yes, really). Most of the tools are beautifully designed as well, which personally helps me focus, and all of them are easily duplicated in your Google Sheet account (which also means you can plug them in Integromat or Zapier and automate your business and proposals even further).

I'm looking forward to the Google Ads / Facebook Ads courses. I didn't explore them yet, but I admire the results, dedication and approach of the main teacher, so I'm sure I will gain invaluable insights there.

Please note the biggest difference between this course and other popular ones out there is the in-depth analysis AND the people behind the course itself.

The course is 160+ hours long and they cover a LOT of different examples in a LOT of different niches. That's extremely important, since most courses out there are ONLY made for marketers. The amount of hours in this course is practically the same amount of hours you'd study digital marketing at University.

I record a few video courses too, super small 2 hours courses direct to the point of a specific marketing strategies. But that approach is only useful for professionals, and doesn't help get the real big picture of what you're doing.

The amount of information, tools, insights, and direct help from the Startup Masters team is really outstanding. Get the course until it's this cheap - it will surely be more pricey in the future. It will repay itself hundreds of times over.
A single client and you're already positive in your personal development ROI. It's literally less expensive than 2 pizzas in the UK.

If you want to learn digital marketing, make it your profession, or gain useful insights from people that spent half a billion dollars in ads (this one is my case), this is the right course to join and the best community to interact with.

One of the best investments I have ever...

One of the best investments I have ever made. Great courses with amazing value. The information inside is priceless. And I think that the Startup Masters will be one of the best in the future :)

I'm so glad I've joined Masters…

I'm so glad I've joined Masters Academy. Everything is explained very well and there are a lot of examples, exercises, helpful resources, amazing tools, and profitable tips. Awesome!

Thank you for the opportunity to join Masters Academy!

The best investment

The best investment I've ever made

Great value for money

Quality content & awesome support/team!

Very professional and easy to digest

Very professional and easy to digest! Great content, highly recommended!

Very well structured and useful course

Very well structured and useful information. I know very well the lecturer Dimitar Ivanov Savov from SoftUni. I always admire his teaching and presentation of digital marketing step by step. Thank him very much for this wonderful course, to which I will always return!

Enormous breadth, depth and value

It is impossible to feel shortchanged from this course.

The value in this online training is almost overwhelming. So many elements of digital mastery are covered and not just from an academic perspective, but from in the field experiences shared.

Is one of those courses that I will keep revisiting.

This is the best course I have tried that teaches about Digital Marketing and I am not even finished yet.

This is the best course I have tried that teaches about Digital Marketing and I am not even finished yet. It teaches Digital Marketing in such a holistic manner. It relates all the courses to fundamental marketing and business principles which is very important to understand in order to utilize Digital Marketing well.

Best investment

My best investment in my education is this course.

Great content

Was an amateur in marketing before finding out about those courses.For 3 weeks managed to finish the first two courses and I already feel like improving with a high rate.Really well structured and full of invaluable practical information advices and tricks.Great fit for everyone who wants to succeed in digital marketing.Highly recommend them courses.

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