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Master Digital Marketing

Master digital business & marketing strategy, advertising, social media marketing, email, content marketing, SEO, analytics & optimisation, automation, growth & competitive strategy.

4.8 / 5.0
$30 /mo $99 First month initial payment
30 Day Moneyback Guarantee
course program
100+ Hours of Video Content
  • Includes Certification

    Business Planning & Strategy

    • Business planning
    • Growth Strategy
    • Products & Services
    • KPIs
    • Customers
    • Team
    • Value Proposition
    • Vision & Mission
  • Includes Certification

    Marketing Planning & Strategy

    • Marketing Strategy
    • Market Research
    • Segmentation
    • Targeting
    • Channels
    • Branding
    • Competitors
    • Customer Journeys
  • Includes Certification

    Copywriting & Content Marketing

    • Ad Creatives
    • Messaging
    • Blogging
    • YouTube
    • Traffic Generation
    • Content Promotion
  • Includes Certification

    Digital Advertising with Google

    • Google Ads
    • Search Ads
    • Display Ads
    • Google Shopping
    • YouTube Ads
    • Remarketing
    • Optimization
    • Scaling Campaigns
  • Includes Certification

    Social Media Marketing

    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Linkedin
    • Snapchat
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • Quora
    • Reddit
    • Chatbots
    • Influencers
  • Includes Certification

    Social Media Advertising

    • Facebook Ads
    • Instagram Ads
    • Linkedin Ads
    • Twitter Ads
    • Optimization
    • Facebook Blueprint
  • Includes Certification

    Email Marketing

    • Customer Acquisition
    • Lead Generation
    • Sales Emails
    • Retention
    • Email Flows
    • Personalized Journeys
  • Includes Certification

    Ecommerce Mastery

    • Ecommerce Planning
    • Online Store Creation
    • Management
    • Growth
    • Optimization
    • Scaling
  • Includes Certification

    Analytics & Conversion Optimization

    • Data Collection
    • Statistics
    • Segmentation
    • Reports
    • Analytics
    • CRO
    • A/B Testing
    • Data Activation
  • Includes Certification

    Search Engine Optimization

    • Keyword & Competitor
    • Ranking Factors
    • On-page SEO
    • Link Building
    • Mobile & Video
    • SEO Tools
    • SEO Checklist
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All in 1 comprehensive Practical online course!

Learn from expert practitioners, get a digital marketing job, start or grow your online business, create your online store, work from home as a freelancer or start your
digital agency.

Master Digital Marketing in less than 6 months.

What You Will Learn ?

The difference between good marketers and great ones is that good marketers can do some or most of these things while great marketers can do all of them.

  • How to Make RealisticMarketing & Business Plans
  • How to Write Good Marketing Copy
  • How to UseContent Marketing
  • How to Make Successful Advertising Campaigns
  • How to Grow With Social Media Marketing
  • How to Make SocialAdvertising Campaigns
  • How to Use Email for Sales & Retention
  • How to Build a ConvertingWebsite For Your Business
  • How to Analyze & OptimizeAny Digital Business
  • How to use SEO toGet Traffic for Free
  • How to Use All ModernMarketing & Business Tools
  • How to Create Online StoresThat Sell all Over the World
  • How to Make Your Products and Services
  • How to Do YourLead Generation & Sales
  • How to Build and ManageYour Team Like a Pro
  • How to Use StrategyTo Improve Your Business
  • How to do Growth HackingTo Get More Customers
  • Use Competitive StrategyTo Smash Your Competitors
  • How To Execute EfficientlyWith Business Automation
  • How to Start Your OnlineBusiness from Scratch
  • How to Get a Highly PaidJob in Digital Marketing
  • How to Work from HomeAs a Freelance Marketer
  • Get Professional CertificatesFrom Google & Facebook
  • Get a Masters CertificateFrom Masters Academy
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Learn Marketing With

Once you learn the fundamental secrets of business and marketing you will be able to include any platform or tool in your strategies.

Course Certification

When you complete the course and practical exercises you can receive your certificate of excellence by scoring higher than 80% on the final exam. You will also get individual certificates for each of the 10 courses. Also when you complete the trainings on Social Media & Advertising you will have the additional opportunity to get official certification by Google and Facebook and you will be recognized as an expert in their advertising platforms.

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Private Community

As soon as you enroll in Masters Academy you will be invited to our awesome private discord community where you can meet all other students and discuss your ideas with them, ask questions, get feedback, find potential partners, coaches, advisors, co-founders and even investors!

You've been invited to joinMarketing Topic
You've been invited to joinBusiness Strategy
You've been invited to joinAdvertising Skills
You've been invited to joinAnalyze, Optimize & Grow
You've been invited to joinGet Traffic for Free
You've been invited to joinSell all Over the World
You've been invited to joinGrowth Hacking
You've been invited to joinBusiness Tools & Technologies
You've been invited to joinConverting Marketing Copy
You've been invited to joinBusiness Plans
You've been invited to joinBusiness Strategy
You've been invited to joinGrowth Hacking
You've been invited to joinBusiness Plans
You've been invited to joinGet Traffic for Free
You've been invited to joinBusiness Tools & Technologies
You've been invited to joinAnalyze, Optimize & Grow
You've been invited to joinSell all Over the World
You've been invited to joinAdvertising Skills
You've been invited to joinMarketing Topic
You've been invited to joinConverting Marketing Copy

Unique Benefits

No other training course provides so much content, so many excercises, so many tools, projects, resouces, tasks & educational materials.

  • 10 Main Courses 100+ Hours of Video
  • Practical Excercise Sessions
  • Live Q&A Sessions
  • Custom Made Education Portal
  • Learn by Doing Quests Tasks, Projects & Exams
  • 22 Invaluable & Exclusive Tools Made by Us
  • 100s More invaluable Tools Made by Others
  • 100s Irreplaceable Downloadable Resources
  • Access on the Web, Tablet & Mobile
  • Lifetime Access to Course Updates
  • Keeping up to date With the Latest Trends
  • Fast & Friendly Customer Support
  • Certificate for All skills and abilities
  • Access to an Amazing Community
  • Create your own Store or Digital Agency
  • 10x your existing Business’ Revenue
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Startup Masters in Numbers

Since Startup Masters launched in 2014 we have worked with clients from 6 different continents and have launched digital marketing campaigns in 65 Countries. When you enroll in the Masters Academy you will learn how we did every single thing to achieve these numbers.

Results for All our Campaigns

  • $517 M +

    Revenue Generated
    for Clients

  • $43 M +

    Spent in Digital Advertising

  • 7, 782 M +

    Ecommerce transactions

  • 824 K +

    Highly Qualified Leads

  • 586%

    Overall Increase in
    Organic Traffic

  • 613%

    Overall Increase in
    Ad Traffic

  • 329%

    Overall Increase in

  • 174%

    Overall Increase in
    Conversion Rate

  • 376%

    Overall Increase in Ad
    Responses (CTR)

  • 38%

    Overall Decrease in
    Bounce Rate

  • 65%

    Overall Decrease in PPC Cost
    Per Acquisition

  • 78%

    Overall increase in Avg.
    Order Value

Our Partnership Network

To be the best you need to work with the best. We at Startup Masters are certified partners with some of the largest players in the digital world.

The Startup Master's Tools

We will also provide you with invaluable business planning, strategy & marketing tools you can use to both create and grow your own business or the company you work for. The majority of these tools are invented by us so you cannot find them anywhere else!

  • The Business Sudoku Calculator
    Grow unlike anyone else

    This tool helps you calculate the exact profits, costs & expenses of a given product or service. It helps you form your pricing and calculate what you can afford to spend on marketing.

  • One Day Business Accelerator
    Examine your business for growth

    A strategic tool that helps you evaluate every aspect of your digital business in order to identify bottlenecks and focus your attention on the most important things.

  • Competition Demolisher Tool
    “Take Care” of Your Competitors

    This tool helps you define your competitors, advantages & disadvantages, position yourself on the competitive matrix and understand where are the gaps in the market you can take easily.

  • The Rockefeller Habits Management Tool
    Manage like a Magnate

    Manage your team using John D. Rockefeller’s habits that he swears were the secret behind the success of his business empire. They’re quite hard to keep but awesome nonetheless!

  • Customer Journey Planning Tool
    Awesome Customer Experiences

    This tool allows you to create amazing customer experiences that will leave your customers satisfied, asking for more and advocating your products or services to their friends.

  • Marketing Messaging Planning Tool
    Build customer conversations

    It is not easy to create a digital experience as fluid as a human conversation. This tool allows you to craft your messaging in such a way that customers feel they speak to a human.

  • Online Stores Growth Checklist
    10X E-Commerce Profits

    This tool allows you to check if you have covered all your bases and your online store has all the necessary parts to sell well and leave customers with a great experience.

  • Digital Services Growth Checklist
    10X Your Service Profits

    This tool shows you the leverage points you can use to increase the profitability of any digital services business and allows you to calculate the impact of each one.

  • The Anatomy of an Online Order
    Understand your supply chain

    This supply chain evaluation tool allows you to improve your supply chain and customer experience by understanding all the steps your product or service goes through.

  • The Business Auditing Checklist
    Audit your Digital Business

    Critically examie every single part of your digital business from the supply chain to marketing, operations, tech infrastructure, customer retention and many more...

  • Team Functions Accountability Tool
    Manage teams based on KPIs

    Make sure you have the right people in the right seats doing the right things this tool allows you to set laser accurate targets for each team meber based on business KPIs.

  • Customer Segments Profiler & Targeter Tool
    Laser Sharp Targeting

    Identify your customer segments and target them with precise criteria ensuring low customer acquisition prices for all your marketing efforts.

  • Mission, Vision & Values Communication Tool
    Unite Behind 1 Common Purpose

    This tool allows you to clearly define your company’s mission, vision & values so that your entire team is aligned and pushes in the same direction as you … united behind 1 common purpose.

  • Startup Masters Cashflow Optimizer
    Weather the storms with ease

    Having enough cash to weather the storms is critical for any business. Using this tool you can increase the money avalable to you so you can move faster or increase safety.

  • Comprehensive SEO checklist
    Cover all your SEO Bases

    Many checklists like that have been done by many a guru and agency. We read and tried em all and so we compiled the master SEO checklist of checklists.

  • Company Valuation Tool
    What’s it worth?

    The company valuation tool helps you precisely estimate the valuation of your company the way that an investor would … but without missing anything that might hurt your valuation.

  • Expenses Management Tool
    Keep track of your expenses

    Understanding your expenses helps you plan your moves carefully and helps you set the right targets for your business.

  • Digital Marketing Technology Stack Tool
    Plan your technical infrastructure

    Ads Software, Tracking Software, Ecommerce Software, Payments, Analytics, Websites, Apps, Project management software, shipping, accounting … it needs planning! It really does!

  • Career Path Builder Tool
    Turn Career Growth into a Game

    The career path builder tool allows you … as you might imagine ... to build career paths for each position in your company in such a way that employees strive to climb the ladder.

  • Business World Stakeholders Tool
    Get to know all the players

    Your business depends on many players. The suppliers, the payment processors, the marketing software players, the media, lawmakers and more. This tool helps you understand all that.

  • Startup Masters Differentiator Tool
    Calculate Unit Economics

    If you just follow what your competitors are doing you are doomed. This tool helps you differentiate your strategy so you can win by being different.

  • Channels & Placements Marketing Planner tool
    Where and how to spend the $$$

    The channels and placements tool allows you to plan where you will put your marketing dollars as well as set expectations for each campaign and plan your marketing return on investment.

  • The strategy Chess Board
    Keep track of all your moves

    We often make move after move without thinking. Then we go back and repeat mistakes we have done in the past. The strategy chess board helps you go forward at all times.

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The Largest Library of
Business & Marketing Resources

You also get completely free access to our gigantic resource library full of example strategies, case studies, books, research, free tools, contact lists, PR lists, reading lists, additional course recommendations as well as a collection of invaluable business & marketing resources created by others and our own community.

Course Overview

Let’s take a quick look at what you are going to learn should you decide to take the course.

Who is this Course for

Students, Marketers, Entrepreneurs
  • Students who want to start working
    in digital marketing
  • Young entrepreneurs who want to
    start or grow their business
  • Experienced marketers & businesspeople
    who want to become top marketers
  • Businesspeople who want to digitalise
    their business and expand to the
    worldwide market
  • Working people who want to understand
    business & marketing objectives better in
    order to get a promotion
  • Businesses who need to lower their
    customer acquisition cost with digital
  • Website owners who are struggling
    to get traffic and sales

Course Requirements

Desire to learn and improve
  • No prior knowledge about business
    or marketing is required.
  • Suitable for all types of businesses (digital
    product, physical product, service,
    dropshipping, B2B, B2C).
  • Suitable for Students, Experienced Marketers, Managers, CEOs,
    CTOs & More.
  • Desire for Lifelong Learning &
    Constant Improvement.

Why did we Create It

to show people the way
  • Other courses are not really comprehensive. They only cover the basics
    even though they are named something like The Ultimate Complete &
    Comprehensive Advanced 15 in 1 Masterclass.
  • Most marketing courses are created by people who have 1 or 2 successes
    and don’t really understand many different niches & situations. So the advice
    they give usually does not apply to your particular situation.
  • Almost all marketing courses teach marketing without teaching Business and
    the 2 are so tightly linked that you cannot study one without the other. Marketing
    strategy is actually a part of business strategy not the other way around.
  • Marketing is connected to all areas of business: Production & The Supply Chain,
    Branding & Design, Technical Infrastructure, Team performance & Execution.
    Almost none of the courses available online explain those dependencies.
  • Digital business & marketing practices evolve so fast that even
    universities like Harvard and Stanford cannot keep up.
  • Other courses almost never consider or explain the technical,
    design, management or strategic side of the business.
  • Other courses ignore many of the mechanics of building and scaling a company
    and with more sales you need to scale the company as well. If you don’t manage to
    do that the company might actually suffer from indigestion(cannot serve so many
    customers) caused by great marketing and its reputation could be ruined.
  • Most courses are not really practical. They lack sufficiently well made
    exercises & practice tools for people to actually be able to apply what they
    are supposed to learn.

Customer Reviews

Over the years we have tought many students in different universities and courses. All of this has led up to the creation of The Masters Academy. Here's what those people have to say!

Simon Jackson

Masters Academy is very informative and goes very deep. I had some previous experience in digital marketing, but this course increased my knowledge 100x. I feel confident to explore and practice what I learned on all of the digital marketing platforms. Thank you Dimitar!

Marko Velecic

Masters Academy is an excellent course - very well structured, helpful and thought out. Everyone that is either in or has an interest in digital marketing should enroll!

Timera Johnson

Masters Academy is truly amazing and incredibly helpful. Dimitar does an excellent job of explaining the content in a simple way. Thank you for the wonderful course!

Filipe Novas

Masters Academy covers a lot of topics. You need patience in effort in each section to get the most of it. Don’t rush yourself to go through the course fast and don’t stress yourself if you don’t remember everything right away. I personally revisit videos as needed. Thank you Dimitar!

Ashley Verma

Thank you Dimitar for making such an incredible course and combining everything I need to know in the digital marketing space all together. You really make complex topics easy to understand. Thank you for being such a great teacher!

Darina Kiteva

Masters Academy is just outstanding. The only part I had trouble understanding were the really advanced marketing and technical concepts, but a second study session fixed that with ease. Just make sure you devote yourself 100% to the course and really pay attention. Your effort will pay off 1000 fold!

Julie Blond

Masters Academy is soooo comprehensive! I can’t believe the sheer amount of notes I’ve taken, not to mention all the resources provided in the educational portal. I love re-watching certain sections of the course, which I had a hard time understanding from the get go. I feel more confident in my marketing skills and insight than ever before!

Steven Ram

Amazing course. You can learn new things you can’t find anywhere else and also update on prior knowledge. Thank you Dimitar for sharing your expertise!

Cynthia Harmon

Masters Academy is very detailed in every way. It covers all platforms associated with marketing and advertising and not only that. It also covers essential business and planning topics, which I haven’t found anywhere else. Highly recommended

Adam Smith

Dimitar is truly at par with excellence. Masters Academy has given me more than enough information and skills to take a huge leap in my career. I can’t thank you enough!

Rajendra Rawat

It’s amazing how deep and complete this course actually is. I believe the SEO section can be a bit more informative, but overall it is a very good option for building a digital marketing foundation and even expanding your knowledge as an advanced professional.

Louise Rodrigue

Masters Academy contains all the information you need combined with lots of tips and ideas. Not only that but for me as a beginner, the information was presented in an easily comprehensible way, which helped me learn a lot faster. Thank you Dimitar!

Hitesh Agarwal

The course gives a very practical way to use Digital Marketing but it doesn’t leave one bit of theory out as well. It was a very good match for me, because first you get enough theory to understand the topic and then you have practical exercises to cement your knowledge. For me as a beginner it was more than perfect!

Terry Patrick

Masters Academy’s course provides very good value for the price. I am still a beginner in marketing so I feel the need to go through the major chapters at least one more time. Luckily the educational portal is awesome and I can always refresh my knowledge. Many thanks to Dimitar and the Startup Masters team for putting together such an amazing educational course!

Eddy Stash

I wanted to find the best way to learn digital marketing and stumbled upon Masters Academy. When I saw the depth of the course I knew right away that if I really want to become a professional marketer I need this knowledge and insight. Currently halfway through and I can only attest further to my initial impression - the course is amazing!

Ahson Riaz

There is hardly anything bad I can say about Masters Academy. Dimitar covers all topics in depth, the only hard part is that it is hard to comprehend and understand everything from the first watch. I think it would be very beneficial if the course also contained a section for starting your own digital agency.

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